Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Today Show Digital Moms Update

Well, it was a great show on The Today Show, Today! Here is a recap, for all of you that thought you were going to see me, well they cut my part in the digital moms segment, I surely thought they were going to include me at the computer with Consumer Queen as we did our BlogTalkRadio show! Well, they did not. However, they showed the best of the BEST in the Freebie World, my dear friend Consumer Queen! Anyways, if you missed it, here is the link .

It was a fabulous segment. I am so proud of her! Now back to the Digital Moms, I would say I am a digital mom, I keep up with my childrens school through the web, their friends through facebook, and chat with my friends through yahoo. I also use the rescources online to find FREE items that I can either use or donate. Look for coupons by mail that I can order for FREE online.

I use my email daily, there I recieve family news, church news, and updates on what is going on in my childrens school! Are you a digital mom?


Shannon said...

I watched this today and was excited to see the coverage about mom bloggers and how companies are utilizing us for reviews and feedback on products. I have so many friends that ask me about it and don't understand how it works. I am sorry they cut you!

Shannon "Coupon Princess" said...

That is okay, thanks for commenting. I know blogging is so fun, it is great to have us moms online and living our world and making friends online!

HeatherMama said...

Bummer that they cut you out. :-( Still very cool segment though!

And I am with you on being a digital mom. I can do so much more, keep up with so much more thru emails, internet, texts, etc.