Friday, March 13, 2009

Winners, Drivers Test, Grocery Shopping Deals, and more!

Winner of FairyTale Brownies is jeanilynne and the winner of the Keurig Coffee Maker was Jennifer from CA. Both winners have claimed their prizes and were picked by using Thanks for entering everyone. Make sure you enter the Neat Solutions Giveaway. Here is a sneak peak coming soon... Seventh Generation Giveaway and Pizza Hut Lasagna Product Review and Giveaway!

Here is a little bit about my week. It started out warm and beautiful high of 85 degrees on Monday, worked on getting my vegetable garden started. Then on Tuesday, the weather turned cold, and we were stuck inside the rest of the week. By Thursday, we had SNOW! Really, I am not joking you!

Now it is Friday, and guess what, my 16 yo son took his drivers test. Well being frugal like I like to be, I chose not to be frugal today. Sometimes, time and stress are worth the extra cash! I had the Drivers Ed Teacher take him to take his drivers test, yes it would have been nice to take him myself and enjoy the experience, however sitting in the DMV with a 2 yo and a nervous 16 yo is not my idea of a relaxing morning. So off my son went at 7:30 am to go practice driving, similar to what the driving test would be like, under supervision of a teacher that does not have my bad driving habits. Now I am not a bad driver, I just probably, well I know, do not follow all the rules all the time. So, with that said, he took his test and passed with a 99! WOO HOO... They drove him back to school, and he was I am sure on Cloud 9 for the rest of the day!

Okay, it is the difficult part now. He has his licsence and has a truck waiting for him in the driveway. Now do we let him drive? HECK no... well not because we do not want him to, but we have to get insurance! Did you know for a 16 yo boy, it is probably going to cost us a fortune! Well, hubby did talk to our son, gave him the super dee duper dad talk, and hopefully by the time our son is back from his ski trip with the church, we will have insurance for him and he will be driving himself to school, sports, etc... Shooy...what a day. Oh, remember I still have a 13 yo (says he will not drive with bro) and a almost 3 yo! Boy, I have a long life of changes still to go in my life!

Oh, forgot to say, I did a new youtube video today. Finally went shopping at Homeland. Got some great deals. Totino Rolls, .30, free Yo Plus yogurt, FREE bananas, Free Juice, mustard, cheap bread, and more! Spent under $10 got $60 worth of groceries! YIPPEE!

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Have a great weekend..I will be posting more great deals soon.


Diana H said...

My son is 16 and learning to drive. We are NOT looking forward to that - or the insurance bump. We've already been through this once with my daughter.

The Consumer Queen said...

Your a busy girl this week. LOL

kristen said...

Thanks for posting. I love your videos, but I am always so curious how you get those deals. I have a Homeland near me! Do you ever post coupon matchups and lists for your shopping trips?

Shannon "Coupon Princess" said...

Yes, Kristin I do the match ups for Homeland! I try to post them on Tuesdays! The trick is multiple inserts, and multiple transactions when shopping at Homeland, since they only double one at a time... and LOTs of patience! Make sure you subscribe by email to my blog, so you can be the first to see the deals!