Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oklahoma Floods, Local Blogger @ConsumerQueen Home Floods

My dear friend, Melissa known as the "Consumer Queen" to her blogging community, home she just moved into is now in need of major repairs. Her mother recently moved into the family home as well. So now her home, appliances, TV, clothing, food, and sentimental items that are non-replaceable are all gone. With no flood insurance it is going to take time and money to get this mess all cleaned up!

But the good news is that they are safe, have great family support, and the support from her blogging friends and online community that she is apart of!

You can read more about the flood, and her story at and read the sweet post, that Monica wrote on Mommy Brain Reports. Amy, another local blogger is also working on donations from companies to help fill Melissas home back up with products! There is also a donation widget that Monica has set up that the funds are directly deposited into Melissas Relief Fund if you would like to donate. Prayers are always welcomed for all the families that have been affected. Oklahoma, will get through yet another storm.