Friday, March 6, 2009

New West Knives are the BEST in the kitchen

New West Knifeworks, from Jackson Hole, Wyoming specializes in making beautiful, handcrafted kitchen cutlery that are beautiful pieces of art. These super sharp kitchen knives are so beautiful, they are not only great sharp knives, and work great they come in two different styles the Japanese Phoenix knives and the Fusionwood Knives, which is what I had the privledge of trying out.

I have the set that includes the paring knife and the chopper. The paring knife is great to chop apples, slice bananas, and smaller foods. I used the chopper cut broccoli and cauliflower. Those are 2 bulky items, that I find difficult to cut with my knives, that I am now going to have to dispose of, because I have found a new love, the Fusionwood Knives! I was amazed at how great these pieces of cutlery worked, they also came with an individual leather sheathes to keep the knives safe during storage.

These knives are beautiful, I picked out the Sunburst color, the color shown above is the Peacock color, and it is way more beautiful in person then it is seen online!

Some features worth mentioning are:

1. Lifetime guaranty
2. Premium high-carbon stainless tool steel
3. Hardwood veneer handles (the handles fit in your hand very comfortably)

I am very impressed with the workmanship that these knives are produced. They are now a staple in my kitchen, and do not know how I prepared my meals in the past without them.

You can check these knives, their story and more at New West Knifeworks and you can also check out their Phoenix Knives that are made with 33 Layers of Damascus steel! Thanks New West Knifeworks for making high quality knives for the home and restraunts!


Jodi said...

Finally knives that you can count on! I'm so very tired of knives that don't do what they are made to do. These look wonderful! Thanks for the review. I'll have to check into them!