Monday, September 29, 2008

Two year olds say the funniest things....

Well this morning I made the pancakes and sausage thing for boys this morn. the ones that I got free at Homeland by Aunt Jamina. Well, Blake (middle child) can be picky about his food, and he said that looks freakin nasty, (he is way cranky in morn too). Well,guess who walked around this morning saying freakin nasty... the 2year old brother braddock.

So once again we had the talk about being careful how you speak, little ears will hear.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shopping Trip to Homeland and more.....

I had a totally crazy week. Started my Home Management Binder schedule, did not do that great! Will be trying harder to stay on task next week.

I did make homemade meatballs, lasagna, and chicken and dumplings this week! My family was pretty excited for the homemade meals.

I went shopping tons at Homeland this week, I will show you a picture of all I got today with my coupons! My total before coupons was $123.00, and I paid $11.84 and still have a catalina for $4. Which for some reason expires tomorrow, so guess where I will be going... Homeland. My friend Melissa and I had a great time. Our husbands should be so proud, we so enjoy all the good deals we find when we shop together. It is good to have friends!
I went to Walgreen's by myself, and got 10 oust, more robitussion, Crest pro health and some mm's. I ended up spending $12! Got $24.50 in RR back. So not to bad. Tomorrow walgreens is having some great deals for RR, so I will be going back to Walgreens again tomorrow!
Thanks for reading my blog, feel free to post comments, and I will reply back and answer any questions you may have...
Oh, September savings challenge is now OVER! But I will continue to be frugal and watch my spending, but I will keep it personal! LOL...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh, this keeping track of money thing is driving me crazy....

Okay, so I am doing terrible at controling my spending. I do not even know if you all should know all my drama.... but here it goes.

Beginning of week 4

Sunday, I was all over the place spending money. Here it goes, started out with going to Walgreens, did a bit of deal shopping, and spent $3.


Crest (grocery store) $123.00 (saved $30 with coupons)
Lowes $96 for a ceiling fan, DH is going to install.
Mc D's $3, before I went to the store, so I would not be starving
$10 for Blake to take to Dinner with his friend
$10.63 at GoodWill, in hopes to make some extra cash at the local consignment sale this weekend.

Shooy, that was alot of spending.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dinner Tonight!

Today, I ended up selling tons of my stockpile, beauty items at my friends garage sale. This was great. Two things happened, one... I was able to get some cash, and two I got rid of a box of beanie babies that I had purchased back in the 90's ty beanie baby craze.

It was my stupidity to collect the darn things in the first place! However those darn animals have given me tons of anxiety over the last 9 years. They are now gone!

Now, for my spending challenge... I spent $5 at the car wash, and $48.00 on a trash can, and a yankee candle. Yes, I did buy a nice stainless steel trash can. I figure I used some of my garage sale money anyhow, so it was like I got it FREE, but I did not.

Then for my high school reunion. It was great, 2 other classmates besides me showed up and we had a fabulous dinner at Deep Fork Grill. I mean Fabulous. Fortunately, I do not have to disclose how much we spent, because it was out of hubby's budget. We are not blogging his money or spending only mine, so thank goodness for this loop hole in my spending savings challenge. Even though I feel like I am totally cheating. But I promise I am not cheating, because in my rule book, hubby can do whatever with his money! LOL...

Oh, darn I did spend another $2o today, I forgot about that spending.... shucks.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Well survived another week. Today OCS varsity boys won 1st place in their Cross Country race! Braxton PR with 20:26 minutes 3 mile.

As for my spending, I spent $14 at Braums, needed milk bad... and $3.20 at TB!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday... first day of Home Management Binder!

Well today was the official beginning of the HMB! I did okay. I am assuming it is a process, and my CHAOS, did not happen overnight. I am slowly implementing a new me.

As for my spending today, I spent $6.24 at Mc Donalds. You know they have cool Happy Meal toys right now. Madam Alexander Dolls starring the Wizard of Oz, and some cool lego Batman toys, my son got the helicopter and will not leave it alone. I told DH that he needed to go eat lunch at McDonald's and get the happy meals!

I had a fun day with my friend that is a evacuee from Houston. LOL... Sarah if you read this. Any excuse for you guys to come back to Edmond is A- OK with me!

Oh, then we went to Kang's restraunt, and I spent another $15. I know.. $21.24 on food from restraunts in one day is a bit extreme, but you have to let loose once in awhile, right.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Started a Home Management Binder.

With the help of this blog I came across, I would say by accident, but I am sure it was really no accident. I am encouraged to begin a Home Management Binder. I have read about these on Flylady, but always felt intimidated by her. I still read flylady, but I really like Candy's approach. I hope this link works and you will check her site out, she has interesting insight on different political issues, great scripture, and inspiration.

Today's spending was minimal, $2.24 at Walmart, was not planning on shopping, but my grandma needed a few things. So I went for her.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Football Game! Go Sequoyah.

My son's football game was tonight, and that was the only money spent today, $4 to get into the game. He played well and his team won! He is on the A team, and plays on the line.

Yesterday, I did not log all my spending.... I spent $40 on perscriptions.

$20.30 at the Goodwill Store, I am hoping to sell my items on ebay! We will see... I will let you know.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Week 3 on this Saving's Challenge Update

Well okay, week 3. I have already spent more money then I did last week! OMGosh... Here is the run down.

Yes, we go to fast food more than I realized... This was Sunday.

What I am learning, as this challenge progresses I am learning that I go out and get fast food more than I realized. I also see that spending money is almost a daily event. I am greatful to my husband that works hard so that I have the money to spend, and he never questions my spending. Accountability, this blog is making me become accountable to my daily habits, and showing my children that we cannot always go out and buy things we want, even if we have the money to do so.

Taco Bell $2.57 lunch... I was hungry.
Sonic $3.14 Kids were starving after laser quest... got 2 corn dogs and 2 drinks... they were 1/2 price!
Laser Quest $10
Walmart $54.07
Tuesday Morning $55.00
Mirror for bathroom

Saturday, September 13, 2008

It is Saturday... so here is the story for Friday.

Okay Friday was super busy, it was Braxton's big 16! So off to the DPS, (Department of Public Safety) to get the learners permit. So we get there... and guess what we do not have his school letter, and are number 20 in line, so off we go back to the school to get the letter, with 2 year old in tow. So we get the letter and then run, drive really, to DPS. So we have 3 people ahead of us, great... well it took another 30 minutes. By this time Braddock was cranky, no nap... so Braxton finally got to take the test and he passed and only missed one.

Now for the spending... I went to get the drivers license at the tag agency. Then realized I used cash at Cici's $10.75, which left me little cash. So the tag agency does not take Credit/ Debit cards and I have no check book! So I am digging for cash to come up with $25.50.

Thank goodness I had gone to the store that morning after workout, and spent $40.00 at Crest. Because I had a handfull of kiddos coming over for Braxton's B'day and needed stuff for Chilli.

I also spent $10.89 braum's.

Overall today (Friday) was a huge spending day... need more cash for next week! LOL...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cross Country Meet!

My son was ran today. He ran a 20:40 3 mile. He was a bit disappointed since that is what he ran the last race.

Afterwards we went to Braum's and got an ice cream cone, $2.14.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I used NO coupons at Walmart Market today!

I know... you will be shocked. I did not use one coupon at Walmart today and I spent $24.33. I bought tortillas, huge thing of cheese, bread, milk, lettuce, strawberries and bananas.

I did go to Walgreens! I spent $13.47. Kashi deal at Target, spent $6.47 got $5 GC, pretty excited to try out there Sweet and Sour Chicken. Then spent $2.58 at Braum's.

Today was the biggest spending day yet.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday's Financial Update!

Okay... you may be wondering did I make a dash for Walgreens today? Well, you will be glad to know I did not step foot in a store today. I did however make my way through the drive-thru. Can you guess where I may have gone? If you guessed Taco Bell, you are correct.


That is it for the day. So far not to bad of a week.

Vera Bradley 40% off sale!

I am in love with Vera Bradley products. I have several items, including a diaper bag which is my favorite. Best part is that it is washable!

I also have the tri fold makeup bag, the overnight bag, and several more items. Check out the link above and see the fall retirement patterns, and save 40%!

Target Deal!

Kashi is on Sale at Target 4 / $11, get $5 GC (gift card) wyb 4. So go to and sign up for their community online and get your $2 off any Kashi coupons. You will be able to print 2~ Then take them to Target and buy your Kashi! Get waffles, for around $1.58 a piece, and buy 4, should be around 2.34 and then get a $5 GC. The cashier will be prompted to give you a gift card at the register! WOO HOO...

I have not been to Target this week. I may have to pop in and get in on this deal!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Happenings!

Today, I made another pitstop at the ole' Walgreens. I bought 7 cleaning supplies, 6 robitussin, 1/2 gallon of milk (we drink alot of milk) 3-4 packs of hunts pudding snacks, and an Crest Pro Health mouth wash. Grand total, was a bit high I thought.... $7.23 with $5.00 RR. So my standings at the moment are $29.50 in RR. I know... all you people have to think you got a great deal, and I did, so I will not become to greedy. I will share my Windex... as of right now I have 5 bottles. Okay enough of that... my next Walgreen's plan is to buy Gatorade for my son's Cross Country Meet, I am in charge of drinks and snacks for the 12 runners.

As for the Home Front, I have still yet to clean my "playroom" this is where I coupon, computer and my 2 year old roams. I will get on that project after I blog. That is on my agenda for tonight since my hubby is off with his friends tonight, I get to continue my Mommy and Housewife chores...

As for the Meal Plan this week. We had speghetti, corn, salad tonight. Tomorrow we will probably eat out, and sometime this week we will have tacos and burritos. As of right now, I do not know what else we will have. Any ideas?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Walgreens Deal!

Walgreens had a great deal today!

9 robitussin ($3 off coupon)
5 Scrubbing Bubbles Tub Cleaner
1 Shout
1 Windex
1 Gallon Milk
1 bottle water
1 Crest Pro health

Total spent $13.35 Got $24.50 back in Register Rewards!
I also went back to Homeland and spent $8.06, .29, and $1.53~

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Week One of the September Savings Challenge comes to an end!

Yippee... I survived my first week of documenting were all my money was spent! Here is my spending for today.

You will be amazed at all I bought at Homeland, here is part of the list.
Sauve shampoo, sauve Deo. which will be donated to my church.
2 farmland sausages
2 eggos waffles 8 pack
2 old elpaso refried beans
2 old elpaso enchilada sauce
1 bag fritos
1 bag of shredded cheese
3 bags frozen corn
1 bag frozen peas
4 ziplock sanwhich bags, 50 count each
Ronzoni pasta
4 kraft easy mac's single serve
there might have been a few other items, cannot remember.
Total spent.... $4.87

I also spent $5.37 at Crest
$1.08 at walmart
$3.99 Braum's (2 malts )
$6.45 Little Ceaser's (son's lunch)

12 poptarts 12 count
4 special k bars
total $18.67 (paid with GC)
got $20 back in GC's! WOO HOO.. that was a money maker!

I am thinking I had a great week.... Cannot wait to see what can be done next week! Thanks for reading and holding me accountable.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Just another busy Friday...

On September 3, my final spending was $5.58 at Sonic, and $3 for water at the play.

September 4, did pretty good. Ran into Homeland and grabbed 2 eggo waffles and 2 shampoo, and paid .65!

Okay, now for today, Braxton ran cross country. He did great, got 18 place, ran a 20:40 3 mile.

I had time to kill before the race so I went to CVS and got 6 covergirl lipgloss's and 2 packs on mm's candy, total spent $2.94 (paid with GC).

Then went to Mc D's and spent $4.61.

The day is still young, and it is Friday, so we will see if I end up spending more money. This documentation of money spent is becoming very interesting.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rainy Days... you got to love them.

It is all rainy today, and it started off slow.... Braxton was late to school because his brother Blake was not prepared for his school day!

Next, I went ahead and went to my workout, body and soul. Braddock goes to Ms. Vickie's school, that is what we call the workout nursery! He really enjoy's it. After that we headed to my grandma's, then went to deliver Blake's lunch to him, which he forgot again. So tomorrow we will be waking up earlier to get to school.

Tonight, I am going to Mama Mia, at the Civic Center. This will be a fun date, with my son Braxton.

Now for the update on Spending Challenge.

Sept. 3
$0.00 money spent so far today, hopefully it will stay this way, I will be letting you know if this changes!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September Spending Challenge.

This September I am going to challenge myself to write down all my spending, I am going to use cash, that way I will think before I spend. I am taking the debit card out of my purse, and I will be armed with my change and dollars. Here is how I did for Sept. 1.

Spent .00.

As for Sept. 2. Different story.

CVS $8.41

Bought 2 cutter bug repelents, 2 lighter fluids for charcoling out, 1 raid fogger for backyard, folding table, (cousin is having a gargae sale, I am going to participate!) 2 pairs of speedo swim goggles

Williams $0.08
3 things of Dawn dish sop

Schwans Man (felt guilty if I do not buy..... his wife just left him)
$11.76 for mini cheeseburgers his special he needs to sale for the week (ate 2 for lunch, they were okay, will not buy again)

Taco Bell Trip #1

Taco Bell Trip #2

Reason for the 2 seperate stops, you may be thinking I am crazy... well it is because Blakers had his first football game (it poured down rain, and I ran to the car with my 2 year old in tow, and could not get back out and watch the game because I was drenched head to toe, and it was not the least bit attractive.) Anyways, I had to get him a "snack" at 3:30. Then had to go back to TB at 5:30, because at this time my almost 16 year old was done with Cross Country and was starving for TB.

So that concludes my day's spending. It is really amazing to watch your money fly out the window. I will have to try to do better tomorrow. We shall see, now won't we.