Monday, March 16, 2009

Coupon Princess Has a New Look!

How do you like my new look? I was so excited when I went to my site, and lo and behold.. Stephanie my Blog gal, who is the best you know had made my site go live! So tonight, I am just admiring my new site, and LOVING it! I hope you like it as well!

I did a bit of gardening today! Braddock 2yo and I planted onions, and potatoes in the garden. This is going to take some patience, as the potatoes and onions take 110 days to mature! So that means, mid June.

I also pulled weeds, out of the flower beds. Will probably do more yardwork and gardening tomorrow as our weather this week is going to be fabulous!

Don't forget I have a giveaway going on right now. Neat Solutions, great for toddlers and babies!


May name is Amanda Brackney said...

Looks great Shannon! Two thumbs up!