Sunday, January 4, 2009

How to vacation with a 2 year old

Traveling with a two year old can be a challenge, whether traveling by car, train, or airplane. Here is some first hand experience on what to do and what I wish I would have done to make traveling much easier. Feel free to comment with your own ideas!

Packing for the plane. Is your child potty trained? If so, make sure to pack atleast 2 changes of clothes, you never know what to expect. We missed a connecting flight and those change of clothes came in handy!

Baby wipes, great for everyone in the group!

Anti bacterial gel, under 3 oz, so it will not be taken by security

A pop up tent, (I did not take one, but my cousin travels with one) you never know when you are going to be delayed at the airport! We were in the Miami Airport from 5 am to 7 pm on Sunday! Wish I would of had a tent!

Small toys, pack in a zippered baggie, I used an plastic case that my new table cloth came in!

Cards with pictures on them, like flash cards.

Playdoh is iffy.. I got playdoh all the way to the Grand Cayman, then on the way home the security guy took it, it was travel size under 3 oz as well.

Blankets, and a pillow are nice to have too.

Sandwiches, and snacks. Airports charge way to much for their food! When traveling with small children, I had no problems taking milk or juice in a sippy cup through security check point, I just showed it to the TSA agents, and it was never a problem.

A portable DVD player is nice, but my son likes to push all the buttons on ours to fast forward the movies.

Stroller, is a must. My husband was telling me we really did not need one, (I had to buy a new one) because Braddock could be carried if needed by one of us, or his 2 teen bro's. Well, I bought and brought a stroller and after as many hours, lines, and more lines, such as customs, coming back from another country, we would really have been exhausted!

Last but not least, do not overpack for anyone that you are traveling with!