Saturday, January 24, 2009

How to Use Dollar Tree for Preschool Learning

I was talking to my cousin on what to do with our kids in the winter months that would be fun, and boy did she have some fabulous ideas! So I asked her if I could talk about her ideas, add some of my own here for my mom blog, there are many mom blogs out that encourage learning and I hope to be an inspiration to you all! Here are a few she came up with and the items can be bought at your local Dollar Tree.

1. Toy section, there are many different bags of bugs. You can buy these bugs, and you can have a treasure hunt in the bath tub. Fill your bath with tons of bubbles, and then hide the bugs in the bath tub, and your child can look for them.

2. Shaving Cream, you know the kind that is the white foam. Child can play this in the bath tub or on the table. This is a great thing to do for sensory motor skills. The texture of the cream is fun for the child to feel, smoosh, and touch. You can also make the shaving cream change colors by adding food coloring, tempura paint from , or watercolors. If you would like, you can use the shaving cream on paper, and when it dries, it turns into a 3D art project. The crayola website, is great to check out to find out what is new from the Crayola Brand!

3. Another fun idea, is to look for the bath mats, they have some small shapes, with the suctions on the bottom, at The Dollar Tree, they come in packs of 8 or so. These would be fun to play with in the bath tub or on the windows of your home. This will help with fine motor skills, as the pulling and placing of the clings will encourage fingers to pull and push.

These are just a few fun ideas, that are easy to do and will enhance learning and exploring for your child.


misty said...

ALL of these ideas are great... thanks for the posting them!