Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How do you Buy Milk?

Here is a little story about me and my milkman. So, I drive my car 3 miles up the road to my neighborhood Homeland to buy milkie.. (name my 3yo calls it) and get in the parking lot with my few coupons and realize, I left my wallet at home. So, what do I do now? Here are my choices:

1. Go home, get money, drive back.
2. Count money in my change compartment in my car.

So, I chose number 2. I count my change, and come up with $1.37. So, I take my coupon for my toothbrush, (will give overage) and go look for the cheapest vitamin D whole milk on the shelf. Humm.. smallest is $1.37, (we pay tax on food here in OK, and that is exactly how much I had) but wait, I see my milkman, (guy in charge of dairy) he knows me, as I am in the store often. So I proceed to look for the milk that is expiring soon, and low and behold, I find some that expires tomorrow, Hiland brand, not even the store brand! So, I share my story with him, and he takes my milk to the back and slaps a sticker on it for .99! Yippee.. he also shared with me that if I keep my fridge on 38 degrees,(that info was shared with me during a previous visit) my milk will stay a few days longer then expiration dates!

So, my story ends, with a toothbrush, a gallon of milk, for .92... Don't be afraid to get to know your workers at your favorite store you shop at, it pays to know your Milkman!


Anonymous said...

Great story! I just bought a gallon of milk at CVS for $2.29 and received $1 back in EB. I'm new to CVS couponing and had no idea they did this for dairy products. No tax here.

Anonymous said...

Our Homeland will do that too for produce, like the bagged salad. All you have to do is ask.

Shannon "Coupon Princess" said...

Oh, thanks.. great idea DeDe.. ; )

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Oh that's a wonderful story ... somethng similar happened to me yesterday at Vons. They had a special on their in-store filone breads for 69 cents, but all that was left just one jalapeno one (not to my taste). I took the time to ask if there were any more coming out, and he said not till the evening. Oh well. I took the jalapeno one and continued shopping. Five minutes later, the bakery manager came over and said he would give me a foccacia for the same 69 cents price. Yea! It just goes to show, it never hurts to ask -- or be nice to your grocery staff. :-)