Sunday, July 26, 2009

Boy am I Tired...

Before I forget, I am not tired because I was partying the weekend away at Blogher. Read this post to here all about my nonblogher fun. After my super dee duper fun weekend at the lake, I am ready for a nice long sleep tonight in my own bed. But wait, my stinker of a 3 yo, that has been having bed withdrawls ever since we took his baby bed away, 4 months ago, is sleeping in my bed right now, with his dad. What in the world, that will not be a good night sleep, as last night he slept above me in the bed crossways all night. I was all worried that he was going to wake up in the strange place and not go back to sleep, and then I would be so stuck, stressed out, and exhausted. Thank goodness that did not happen, he slept until 9 this morning which was fabulous.

Oh, and guess what I got to do today, I drove a four wheeler, and survived. I made sure I did not have to make any reverse moves, and followed hubby around our friends property, checking out the nature. We looked for deer, or any other animials, but none where found.

But our sons, the older ones, went fishing and caught some huge fish. My oldest son made an awesome video, I will go see if I can find it and post it.

Oh, and I am tired, 3yo is now up, and I need to go get him to sleep now in his own bed, wish me luck!