Saturday, July 4, 2009

Game Factory Games: Wii Rubiks World Review

I was sent this game Rubiks World for the Wii, from GameFactoryGames for my son to try out! Go ahead, check the Game Factory Games website out, and have soome fun.

Here is a bit what my son had to say about this fun and yet challenging game.
When I asked him the ages he thinks the game would be best for he replied, "7 and up." Even better, the game is rated E, for Everyone. However, this game is not a game that you play and win the first day, it takes time, therefore the younger crowd may get frustrated with playing this game! There are many choices of games you can play within the game. Some of his favorites were the Construction and the Fits section of the game. The Rubiks section where you solve the Rubiks Cube is very difficult and still is not completed by my son! I asked my son who he would recommend this game to, and he said anyone that likes challenging puzzle games, that requires using thinking skills.

As a parent, I think this game is a great game for kids, it requires abstract thinking, and problem solving. Math skills are needed to conquer this game, and the child will learn math through this game, the non traditional way.