Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back to School Time.. Cheap School Supplies

I love Summer, but I also love Back to School supply shopping. This year is no different, I love to stock up on all the cheap items and freebies, throughout the end of the summer. I know, you are thinking summer just got here!

Leave it to retail to have a jump start on the upcoming season of Back to School, oh and I am sure the Christmas trees will be at the Mall before long as well. So now it is now 100 degrees, summer items are going on sale and we are about a 6 weeks away from the first day of school! That is atleast when school starts here in Oklahoma. (Son's preschool starts Aug. 17.. Yippee.. oh, do I sound excited? Of course I do!)

So, I will be on my best behavior and as I search the Sunday Paper, hold in my excitement of my last baby going to school and I will be viligant and helping all my readers and new readers, find the cheapest school supplies for the upcoming year. If you do not have children, you can always donate the freebies, or go ahead and buy some of these items now for your home office.

I will be back later, and show you what all I find! Subscribe Here.. so you won't miss out!