Thursday, July 9, 2009

Downy Quilts for Kids Project: Downy Touch of Comfort

I am pleased to announce that myself and Melissa, The Consumer Queen will be participating the "Quilts for Kids" project sponsored by Downy. On Saturday, July 11, 2009, Downy is traveling to Tulsa to distribute over a 100 quilts, made by volunteers like you, to kids at the The Children's Hospital of St. Francis in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

All 3 of my children, love their blankies. My husband still has his special Mickey Quilt blanket, and we even sleep with it to this day. My 3yo has 2 blankies, one is his big blankie and the other is his little blankie. My 13 yo has his own blankie, and my 16 yo... well he has finally out grown his! So, we at the Snow Family, love our blankies! (that spelling looks weird, but I am going with it)

You can read more about the program, how it got started and see how many children Downy Blesses with Quilts since 2000!

Their main site, is featured here, at Downy Touch of Comfort and see how you can help with this project in your community. Click on the "How to Help" Section, there are many ways to show your support, and help these children in need.

Chandra Wilson, the Grey's Anatomy star is their spokesperson for this wonderful cause. Thanks for reading and learning about this wonderful program.