Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Top 8 Tips to Stay Safe During Tornado Season

Yesterday in Oklahoma we had 26 tornados, according to the local news. All I can say is WOW. Luckily, we were not effected here at my house, we had some good rain without hail. So my veggie garden looks to be in good shape! I do know that south of where I live about 15 miles or so, there are neighborhoods devasted.

My oldest son, had the closet cleaned out, and my younger one made sure we had tons of pillows and blankets!

Here are a few tips from me on what to bring with you in your shelter:

1. Cell Phone and Cordless Home Phone.
2. Weather Radio
3. Flashlight
4. Make sure you are wearing shoes and socks
5. Your personal info, like Drivers license and/or purse.
6. Blankets, pillows for cover.
7. Bicycle Helmets, put them on.
8. Bottled Water

Those are just a few things, I am sure there are more.


Some Lucky Dog said...

Glad you are okay! I got the alert yesterday on my phone from the city of Yukon telling me to take immediate cover! Today I got a message about water restrictions. It said their pump was taken out by the storm, yikes! I need to remember to call and take number off their list (we're back home in Montana).