Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Thoughts: A Little Bit about Me Today

Just thought I would write a little about my happenings this week. Where do I begin? Well, Monday.. Labor Day. Good day, a bit lazy. No pool fun, just hung out at the house. Then there was Tuesday, my soon to be 17 yo best day ever. Really, why was it so great, answer... because it just was. If he was a girl, I would probably be still listening to all the great happenings for the day. Wednesday, just an ordinary hump day, which brings us closer to Friday.

Now Thursday is a bit more exciting, it is the Pass it On Kids Consignment Sale, and I am taking a break from putting on the last tags on my clothes, so I can take this heap of clothes to be sold! (see picture of my non organization skills) Hopefully, I will make some nice cash, to set aside for Christmas this year. As I refuse to go in debt over buying to many things that my children will not appreciate the day after Christmas. Would tell you what my plans for them are, but cannot, remember... I have teens that can read. At least I think they read (LOL)

Oh, and tomorrow.. very fun for this mom. My friend @consumerqueen is having an ELF makeup party. Should be a great girls night out and tons of fun. Will meet some of my local bloggy/twitter friends like @momspark and Beth. Just need to tell my hubby that is my plan for Friday. So honey if you are checking up on me today, I am going to Melissa's tomorrow night, so you can have a boy's night in!

Oh, so you all don't get stressed about my mess.. all those clothes are at the Kids Consignment Sale, at Church of the Harvest in Edmond, Ok for the Pass it On Consignment sale. Starts tomorrow!

Chat with you all later. Have a fabulous rest of today!


Farmer*swife said...

Thanks for the share! Good luck with the 'sales'! :-)

Shannon "Coupon Princess" said...

I sold 51 items out of 70.. not to shabby. Yippee.. almost is inspiring me to do a garage sale..