Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Homeland Grocery Deals: Coupon Match Up 9/30 through 10/3

Coupon in ad:
2 wishbone dressing products (use coupons $1/2 in the pink breast cancer ad)
get Bag salad free

Rump Roast $2.49 pound
New York Strip $5.99 pound

Tyson Anytizers $3.49
Use: .55/1 SS 8/2
Final Price: $2.39

Hiland Cottage Cheese $1.99 (24 oz)
Use: .55 (DND)
Final Price: $1.45

Libby's Large Can .99
Use $1/4 9/26
Final Price: .49 each

Pilsbury Toaster Strudel $1.99
Use: $1/1 Printable (DND)
Final Price: .99

Crescent Rolls $1.99 (not in ad)
Use: $1/1 Printable (DND)
Final Price: .99

Delmonte Fruit Cans 4/$5
Use: $1/5 RP 9/20
Final Price: 4/$3

Welch's Bottle $3
Use: $1/1 Printable
Final Price: $1 bottle

Nabisco Crackers $2
Use: SS 8/23 .75/2
Final Price: $1.25 each

Peanuts $2.50
Use: $1/2 (pink coupon flyer from Homeland)
Final Price: $1.50

Scope $3.49
Use: .75/1 PG 9/26
Final Price: $1.99

Crest $2.49
Use: $1/1 PG 9/26
Final Price: .49

Swifter $3.79
Use: .50 PG 9/26
Final Price: $2.79

I am sure there is more deals, but my eyes are closing. I am soooo tired. I need to tell you all about my Weekend in Cooperstown, NY. I will blog about the soon!

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johnsonmommy3 said...

just and FYI but on the toaster strudel and the pillsbury coupons they say DO NOT DOUBLE and my store has cracked down on this big time and will not dbl them.

Shannon "Coupon Princess" said...

Oh thanks... ; ) I will change that!