Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kicking off the Fall in Cooperstown

This past weekend, I got to experience a trip of a lifetime. Thanks to Fast Fixin's, and their blog contest that was held over the summer. I happened to win, a trip to Cooperstown, New York. If you do not already know, this is where the National Baseball Hall of Fame is located.

We hung out with two Hall of Famers, Wade Boggs and Gaylord Perry. These two baseball players, where so nice, and gracious. We shared stories, got pointers from Gaylord Perry on pitching (info to help with our son) and Wade Boggs, shared his story of the "elephant ear" at the Baseball Hall of fame! Which, is his baseball glove he used for 15 years when he played 3rd base! Nothing like being at the Baseball Hall of Fame with two Hall of Famers!
The trip was ultimately sponsored by Miller High Life. Boy of boy.. let me just say, we lived and drank the High Life! The salesmen for the company, that attended this trip were a lot of fun to hang with as well. When we first arrived at the airport, I was the only female amongst 13 guys, on the trip. My hubby just laughed, but thank goodness there ended up being a few more girls when we got to the Otesaga Hotel.

Another highlight of the trip, was the Pumpkin Festival. The winning pumpkin weighted over 1500 pounds! The ones I am going to show in the pictures, were only 750pounds. On Sunday, the day I left, they were to race the pumpkins in the lake. The pumpkins were hollowed out and painted, and then placed in the lake! (I totally missed that part, had to go to the airport!)

Everything about the weekend was great, the food, the company, the hotel. The pubs, the beer, the shopping. There is something to be said for a small town. Walking on the sidewalks to Main Street on a cool fall day, to grab some coffee and a homemade bagel. I have great memories, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thanks, Miller-Coors and Fast Fixin's. Now, back to reality. Oklahoma is my home, it is good to be back.


Kelly's Ideas said...

sounds awesome


MamaLander said...

I saw the giant pumpkin and had to leave a comment. My brother-in-law grows giant pumpkins in his back yard in Pittsfield, MA. The largest he grew was 1,250 lbs. I think it took 5 guys and forklift to get it into the truck.