Pantry Makeover Challenge

by Shannon on September 14, 2009

I am entering a Pantry Makeover, over at This Mama Cooks the challenge was, to donate, clean out and organize your pantry. So, here is my over crowded, disorganized pantry before picture.

Now, here is my much emptier, more spacious after picture of my pantry. I just made sure to put condiments together, veggies together, baking items and pie fillings together, and all my canned tomatoes together. It was relatively easy, and would have been much easier if my 3 yo would have taken a nap!

Now for some items I am donating, cereal, tuna, soups, manwhich, rice and more! I will be taking this to our local food pantry. Probably with a little more then what is shown. For time purposes, I had to get this post done ASAP, because this giveaway is about to be over! So thanks, This Mama Cooks, and the Canned Food Alliance, for this giveaway opportunity.

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