Friday, February 27, 2009

Blog Talk, Mypoints, Send Earnings, and BzzAgent and More

Here are a few things I have learned as I surf the net. I have learned there are some great sites, that reward you for your time for reading emails. One is
My Points. On this site, you sign up with an email address, and they will send you emails with offers. Then you click to earn points, when you reach a certain amount of points, you can redeem the points for gift cards. If you full fill the offers, you earn more points, but you can get points for not full filling offers and just by reading emails.

Another site similar to this is send earnings. Same concept, click on emails and earn CASH. Very easy to do, you also can earn money through referals!

This is a survey site, with Product Reviews, that they call Bzz's. Bzz Agent I have recieved, Chilli's coupons, glade products, and more by using this site. I have been a member for over 2 years!

House Party is a fun way to have your friends over to try new products. They will send you a kit, full of samples coupons and more, so you can have a great party, then you upload pictures to their site, and share with your friends!

Feel free to listen to the Blogtalkradio program from last night, with Consumer Queen to hear our live chat! Blog Talk is on my side bar, and should be easy to use! We air on Thursday Nights, 8 pm central time. I will be on there solo, as the Queen, will be on a PR gig!

These are just a few ways to have fun, and earn rewards by using online programs. I hope you enjoy this information and try some of these sites out soon! Comment with any questions you may have.


Suzanne said...

Thanks for sharing this info. I'm always on the lookout for ways to save money.

Jess said...

I've always been wary of these. Have you personally used send earnings? Have you actually gotten $?