Sunday, February 8, 2009

CVS and Coke Products Today and Tomorrow 4/$11

Do not think this is posted in my previous CVS Ad post, but Coke products are 4/$11 which means they are $2.75 a 12 pack. Why do I like this deal, well because I am a huge coke rewards girl, and can get a $1 off coupon for 35 points.

This is what I did, I bought the Gamer Fusion Razor, on sale for $7.99 and used the $4 off coupon from todays Sunday Paper. I got $4 CVS bucks back.

Then I had them ring up my 4 packs of coke. Well, guess what the guy at the register was like I cannot take these coupons, they say 1 per purchase. I said, well I am purchasing 4 and using 4 coupons. I said it does not say per transaction.

He was like okay, and went ahead and took the coupons. So, I think the cashiers like to question coupon users and think they are smarter then the coupon users! I told him I could call CVS Customer service and tell them to call and let him know the difference between purchase and transaction!

Anyways, back to the deal. Got 4 12 packs, and 1 razor for $9!