Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday... first day of Home Management Binder!

Well today was the official beginning of the HMB! I did okay. I am assuming it is a process, and my CHAOS, did not happen overnight. I am slowly implementing a new me.

As for my spending today, I spent $6.24 at Mc Donalds. You know they have cool Happy Meal toys right now. Madam Alexander Dolls starring the Wizard of Oz, and some cool lego Batman toys, my son got the helicopter and will not leave it alone. I told DH that he needed to go eat lunch at McDonald's and get the happy meals!

I had a fun day with my friend that is a evacuee from Houston. LOL... Sarah if you read this. Any excuse for you guys to come back to Edmond is A- OK with me!

Oh, then we went to Kang's restraunt, and I spent another $15. I know.. $21.24 on food from restraunts in one day is a bit extreme, but you have to let loose once in awhile, right.