Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rainy Days... you got to love them.

It is all rainy today, and it started off slow.... Braxton was late to school because his brother Blake was not prepared for his school day!

Next, I went ahead and went to my workout, body and soul. Braddock goes to Ms. Vickie's school, that is what we call the workout nursery! He really enjoy's it. After that we headed to my grandma's, then went to deliver Blake's lunch to him, which he forgot again. So tomorrow we will be waking up earlier to get to school.

Tonight, I am going to Mama Mia, at the Civic Center. This will be a fun date, with my son Braxton.

Now for the update on Spending Challenge.

Sept. 3
$0.00 money spent so far today, hopefully it will stay this way, I will be letting you know if this changes!