Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good Bye Baseball, Staycation, and then Hello Football

No, I have not fallen off the planet. I am still here, 1/2 sane as was I ever fully sane anyways? So, where do I start. Baseball season, Sister In Law Visit, football camp or the search for Karate Class? So, here it goes. Summer started off with Baseball, games every night it seemed. When it was home team night, I got to enter the concession stand madness. Taco Nachos, hot dogs, flippin' burgers, and cookin' chicken on the grill. I learned allot about working with food, and that I am grateful for all those restaurant workers out there, because that is a difficult job. Therefore, I hope to continue my blogging career. I the midst of all the baseball, I got to tag along the 4 year old, which probably was great birth control to all the fans in the stands. I am who needs a 4 year old and a 15 year old. I guess I do, because he is mine and would not trade him for the world. Because, my sweet hubby and older son are off working like crazy since the largest hail storm hit Oklahoma City, in May.

I like to call this week my stay cation, as my much younger sister-in-law from Utah came to visit. This was all during baseball season as well, so she got to help me in the concession stand a bit. But more importantly I was instructed (by her brother, my husband) to make sure she had a good time here in Oklahoma. So we hit all my favorite spots, most not thrifty spending, but I had to follow orders from hubby so we definitely had some good girl time! Which remember, I do feel like I live in a frat house most of the time. All in all we had a great week, and ate and drank until we felt like we had "food babies" that is what you call a pooched out belly that is not with child.

Now, Football... well not completely. Just a mini 4 day camp, along with Scuba Certification (not me, but my overly active son) I am to chicken to take the class and learn how to assemble my scuba gear underwater. However, I have done a scuba dive before on a "resort dive" you know the crash course basic to see if you would like to ever get certified. It was actually pretty amazing under the sea, however my beach vacations consist of lying on the beach or hanging at the pool with umbrella drinks!

I am tired now... I must go.