Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Teenagers in Todays World, I am Glad I am Not One!

I have been doing some reflection on the life of the teenagers these days. They have so many distractions, way more then I had in my teenage days, and I am only 33, (I can say that for 2 more days, then I will be 34) and I do not consider that very old. So the teens today have ipods with itunes, I recorded songs off the radio with a cassettes. VHS came out and the movies like Sixteen Candles and Ferris Bueller's Day Off, my mother forbid me to see that PG-13 movie... what PG-13 that movie would be rated G in todays world! Then there is the cell phone, what? not the big suitcase size that plugged in your car for emergencies (I did not even have that) but the tiny ones that take pictures, text message, and oh yeah... allow you to call your friends. Not to mention the ring tones, the internet, (oh, definately did not even have PC internet access until I was in my mid 20's!) And the video games played by all ages, even my husband and bro in law play the wii with the kids! Not like the Intellivision or the Atari back in 80's type video games!

So with all this said, why are kids so ADD? Unmoral, and confused on what is right and wrong? How come kids are getting into trouble with technology, and why do we even have to tell our kids that taking a nude picture is considered child porn, even if it is for "joking" purposes.

I heard about the teenage girls, who did this recently, took nude pics of themselves, how did they think this was not wrong,(I would be apauld if anyone saw me naked at that age anyways, let alone take a pic!) is what our children see in movies, prime time television, billboards at Abercrombie, Pictures hanging in Victoria's Secret okay to see? Just because others have supplied this for our eyes to see, does it mean it is ok to watch? NO! Just because it is on regular T.V. does not mean that is safe for Teens to watch, we are becoming way to numb even as parents in allowing certain things into our house, whether it be by phone, internet or television.

It is hard enough to be an adolecent during these times, make sure to monitor your childs facebook, myspace, telephone, etc. The world is not going to look after our children, that is our job as parents!


Savvy Saving Mom said...

That's right, and we have to look out for them diligently. I have 4 teens, all are A/B college-bound students, athletes, and all around good kids. It's important to know their friends, and their friends' parents. Cell phones are great when used correctly, my kids call me upon reaching their destinations to let me know they are safe. If we are there for them unconditionally with the proper guidance and provide for them the information and tools they need to lead their lives in a manner of which we can all be proud, they'll be OK. They will still make their mistakes, but the kind of mistakes that help them grow, not get into trouble. Parenting is the most difficult, yet rewarding undertaking one can take on in their lifetime.

Julie Northrop said...

I can so relate to your whole post! I have a 14 yo daughter and I think about all the same things. What was a CD? We had cassettes (I even had an 8-track before that and no I'm not that old!). They are bombarded with so much more than we ever were and you're right, then we wonder why so many are diagnosed with ADD? I've tried very hard to cultivate a close relationship with my kids. I've stayed at home, got involved in school functions and pray that each day when my daughter gets home, she still wants to tell me how her day went.

I totally agree with Savvy Saving Mom - "if we are there unconditionally for them with proper guidance" - well put point.