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Do you want to know what I have been up to? Well, I started a crazy diet, thanks to my friend Beth. She lost a ton of weight using this HCG method and of course I had to try it out. Yep, trying it out over the holidays! Yep again, I am totally crazy… LOL..

You want to know how much I have lost, should I share? Well, as of today I weight 15 pounds less then I did on the day after Thanksgiving! I am still in total shock… I need to lose about 40 more pounds (thanks friends that know me, who are saying you do not need to lose that much) but seriously I do.

Also, I was a Diet Coke aholic, and sorry Coke, I am no longer drinking your product, and am drinking up my Lipton Tea that I have stocked up for FREE at Homeland in the past! Which I am totally proud of, because I am sure all that Coke was eating away at my insides.

Some day, my frugal self, will have to be spending some extra cash on some designer jeans I have wanted so badly, but refuse to buy the size I would need to wear them, because my cute little chubby self did not deserve such a pair of jeans!

Alright, enough with the diet talk. Over Thanksgiving, I got to see my family in KC and then went to see my hubby’s family in TX. Tons of fun, a little to much driving, well hubby drove and I tweeted. ( I love my twitter! I am @couponprincess on there if you want to follow me! ) Kids were good, 3 yo got a little crazy on the way home and he ended up crying himself to sleep in the car ( we all need to remember to bring ear plugs for the next trip in the car).

Now, it is a week past the time I really like to drag the fake tree out of the attic, and decorate and get the house all spruced up for Christmas, and discuss a zillion times to 3 yo that there are breakables and not to touch, throw, kick, etc… Of course my mothers house is decked to the hill top with decorations, and I am so lacking. I will get to the program, I promise! But, how am I going to wrap the presents, when my sweetie, thinks because the Christmas stuff is up, well that means it is Christmas you know. Then how is he going to get presents from Santa, if he is on the Naughty List… he is going around the house saying I am on the Naughty List! It is actually pretty funny.

Now let me tell ya, back to my diet thing.. not to great for my social life, because unfortunately all my fun activities revolve around “happy hour” and eating! (well only when I get extremely lucky and escape my crazy house of boys!) Which I did extremely well at The Consumer Queen’s Christmas Party today! I will share our whrrl story of all the fun. So below.. check out the party! I got to meet some really fun ladies, too. We did some donating, getting and some giving! Have a great rest of the weekend.

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  • Carrie

    Do tell more about the HCG diet. I need this plan and could use some more information to get me started.



  • Trish

    I agree I would like to here lots more about this diet…. My daughter is 17 months old and I think its time to stop claiming this as "baby weight" :)


  • Shannon "Coupon Princess"

    I am thinking blogpost..stay tuned. I will put one together! Until then, you may google HCG to get the facts etc. It is the Dr. Simeon. You will find tons of info.