Top 5 Tips to Save on Electricity in the Summer

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How to Save Money on electricity bill with these helpful tips.

I recently signed up for Og&E Smart Hours, my areas program to help reduce my electric bill, help the environment along with keeping more of our families hard earned money in our pockets. Check your electric company, and see if they offer a similar savings program.

1. Did you know that between the hours of 2 pm and 7 pm are the highest energy usages? This is when the electric companies raise the price of Kwh, they can raise it as much as $.49 kwh in Critical usage times. This means, you pay more during those hours you use electricity. During this time, increase your AC to a higher temp, don’t do laundry, dishwasher etc.. turn the TV off and read a book.

2. Use fans around the house to circulate the air, it is amazing how a fan can help out in the heat.

3. Close the Curtains. This will help with the hot sun not beating down on your windows.

4. Plant trees outside, this will help with shade around your house and in the long run keep your house cool.

5. Use a crock pot for cooking, avoid using your Oven. The oven will heat your home up quite fast. Sometimes you need to use the oven, but try to use it outside the hours of 2 pm and 7 pm.

The program I am on, gives me a low $0.045 price during “off peak hours” Holidays and Weekends! If you live in Oklahoma or Arkansas, check OG&E Smart Hours to see if you qualify for this program. (Must have a new Smart Meter installed at your house, OG&E installed mine sometime last year.

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