Schools Out For Summer well Almost!

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WOW.. 2 kids out of school, one Teen still in school and then one child back in school! (PreSchool Summer School.. yippee.. skippy.)  I am so excited about that one.

One Hubby and one Teen that will be hard working all summer… (roofing buisness).

Then there is me… I will hopefully be organizing all my crazy madness, donating some of my stockpile and of course deal shopping. Oh, and my son made the Freshman team for the Pure Prairie leauge Baseball team, so I will be going  to lots of baseball games. Very exciting.. ; )

This weekend I got a date with hubby and got a moment to talk to him about life in general! We had no storms, so fantastic deal.

Hum.. what else do I need to tell all of you? Oh, hangin’ in there with my diet maintance. I am averaging about 152ish… pounds (remember lowest was 148 pounds) Not to shabby, I had a cookie fest the other day with the Vanilla Oreos. Why do I buy junk… just temps me to eat it. I still can fit into my splurge Jeans, by Big Star from the Buckle (size 28 short) I bought this brand because they run big, and I could buy the 28’s instead of the 29’s! By the way, in the long run I would rather have a pair of great jeans I love then 5 cheap pair I hate.

I also need to start menu planning again, so I can plan to succeed, instead of planning to FAIL. I have not been eating much at dinner, but I still have 3 boys to feed. Right now, I am just trying to clean out the freezers right now! (which is saving me money, since I bought some new clothes for ME ; )

Oh, forgot one Teen is going to golf camp soon, so that will be way fun for him. Since he will be working all summer. Which is good he is working because car insurance for a Teen Boy is ridiculously expensive.

So that is about what’s going on with you me. I hope everything is all well with you! Have a great rest of the weekend.

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