Saving Money Grocery Shopping in Oklahoma

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Oklahoma Metro Area grocery shopping is a bit different then our surrounding states. Grocery Stores in Oklahoma are mostly owned locally. For instance, Buy 4 Less, Uptown Grocery, Homeland Grocery, Crest Grocery Braum’s and a few others. There is also the option of shopping at Walmart Neighborhood markets or Target Super Centers.

Here are few of my favorite tips for shopping around Oklahoma for groceries.

1. Most Ad’s are in the Wednesday Daily Oklahoman. I have the paper delivered on Wed. and Sundays, because of the Ad’s on Wednesday and of course for the coupons on Sunday.

2. New store Ad’s will run their promotions and weekly ads from Wednesday to Tuesday. This is good for Uptown, Buy 4 Less, Homeland and many others.

3. Bonus. If you shop Sprouts, they have their Double Ad Day on Wednesday. You get deals for both weeks. Bring your own shopping bags and you get a $.05 credit for each bag used.

4. Want to save money without using coupons? Shop sales, only buy the loss leaders and plan meals around what is on sale and what is currently in your pantry.

Be sure to scan the printable coupons before you shop as well and match them to what is on sale in the ad. This will help you save a little more money.

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