OG&E Wind Power Energy Program

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OG&E Wind Power Energy Program

Are you familiar with OG&E Wind Power Energy Program, the alternative source of energy for your residential home? As part of the Oklahoma Energy recently have been educated on the importance of Wind Power, and we all know we live in a perfect state! As Oklahoma is can be on the windy side.

My biggest question was, if I were to use Wind Power as an alternative energy source, would I have to have any fancy equipment installed in my home. Well, the answer is NO. According to reviews, you will not be able to tell a difference between Wind Power Energy usage and traditional energy usage.

If the day is not windy, then alternate energy source is used. To help save energy, wind energy is the way to go. Have you seen the big wind energy turbine equipment on the highways? I am always amazed at how large they are, and how that piece of equipment is helping save people money, helping the environment and creating jobs in Oklahoma.

Just enroll, and you are done. The program does cost a few dollars, but you can easily save money throughout the year with OG&E smart hours program to help off set the cost. By signing up for Wind Power, you will be eliminating nine tons of emissions from the air. This is based on the average customer that purchases as little as 1,000 kWh of wind power for every month, of the course of one year.

Interested in learning more about Wind Power? Read OG&E’s Wind Power fact page for more information.

Right now, you can sign up for OG&E Wind Power program you can pick your school to support and have a chance to win tickets to an OU or OSU game! In the “Who has More Fan Power?” For more information on this contest, checkout the OG&E Fan Page!  You pick which wind farm you want to support, the OU Spirit wind farm or the OSU Cowboy wind farm. The school with the most wind power will be announced at the Bedlam game on December 7, 2013.

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