Lose Weight 2010

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I started my HCG journey on November 28, 2009. I ended on December 22, 26 pounds lighter. I know, it is like wow.. really. I am totally serious. I have not started my round 2 of the HCG drops yet, but I do plan on beginning on Sunday, January 24, 2010.

The diet is so very strict, you can read more about it here at David’s Calorie Counter, blog post. I have been able to keep all but 2 pounds of the weight off as well. I am still in utter disbelief, shock, and so very happy at the outcome so far.

I hope to lose another 30 pounds or so, hoping to do so by the beginning of March. That is my plan at least. I have several friends that have started this crazy diet, and they are of all sizes, and their weight loss has been just fantastic as well. So wish me luck, I will be eating less, weighting less soon. Here are some links that are great to check out, to learn more about the diet!

Where to order drops cheapest I have found, and it is where I have ordered before. One bottle should last you 40 days.

My blog post from December talking about the diet!

All this info is for your personal use, I am not a Dr. but my results are true. I am not an affiliate of any of these sites. I have nothing to gain by sharing my results, but to help you in your weight loss journey.

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  • NFL Draft January 20, 2010, 1:08 am

    Do u think this is effective and useful for everyone???
    I bought like this products for several times but in vain.My weight is still on the original level.
    So am disappointed now.

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