Let’s Talk Ketones and Exogenous Ketones

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Ketones and How They Work:

Know that ketones are metabolites with cellular structure quite similar to glucose and they are produced in the liver out of fatty acids, in order to feed the body with energy, when glucose is low or absent.

The Outcome is, Ketosis is induced by limiting carbs and not by adding fat to your diet!!
The problem is every body is not equally able to convert fat into ketones. So getting into ketosis is more difficult. When your liver is not functioning perfectly or is congested, you will have a harder time producing the desired ketones and keep a high level of nutritional ketosis.
Consequences are that weight loss stalls. You quit losing weight.

What are exogenous Ketones?

Exogenous ketones are beta hydroxybutyrate salts. When taken alone they can lead to gastric upset. Not a good deal.
That is why a blend of BHB and MCT oil seems to be the best formula to get the ketones in without the negative side effects!

Is Keto OS for you?

Supplementing with Keto OS will be helpful if you are suffering the following below:

• You have been on a ketogenic diet but you have a hard time staying in ketosis
• Your weight loss is stalled doing keto
• You are not doing a ketogenic diet yet, but you would like to start one
• Your energy is low
• You are on keto but you are still hungry all the time
• You care on keto but still have cravings
• You workout and want to improve your performance
• You are an athlete and want to improve performance
• You want to improve your brain power!
• You suffer from hypoglycemia
• You have diabetes and want help in reducing your insulin
• You are pre-diabetic.

Do you want to try Keto -OS?

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