Don’t make Copies of Coupons you Print ONLINE. PERIOD.

by Shannon on November 11, 2011 · 2 comments

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Coupon Printing, why you DON’T Copy the coupon.

Now what does that mean, well that means, don’t take the coupon you print from Coupons.Com, Smart Source or any other legit  Coupon Printing platforms that are out there online, to your photo copier and print coupons! 
YES, that means you Grocery Store (this actually happened today, at one local grocery store. Not going to mention names.. ) don’t copy coupons, and distribute them through the store. IT IS ILEGAL.
So, you are thinking so what? How will the stores know.
Well go print a coupon out from this link.
 Now, you have it printed. So look closely. Around the edges were you cut, there is a tiny code, tied back to YOU. Oh, so maybe you think you should just cut the code. WRONG. Under the expiration date, almost unnoticeable there is another code,
same as the other codes. 
Now, if you make a copy of that coupon and you get caught, you will be in serious trouble. Now, I don’t mean to scare you. Only to give you facts. It is okay, follow the rules print coupons all day long, just don’t copy them. 
Now, maybe you aren’t worried about getting caught, well your stores will catch on, and ban printed coupons from their store. This hurts the manufacturer Campaign to get people in the store to buy their product, hurts others because they now can’t use printed coupons at the store either.
Using copied coupons, is just plain wrong. Read more info on coupon etiquette, and how to stay legal at the Coupon Information Corporation

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    Don’t make Copies of Coupons you Print ONLINE. PERIOD.:

    Do you like having deals delivered to your inbox? Sign…

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    Coupon Printing, why you don't make copies of the coupon..

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