Diet Journal Update: Day 7, 8 and 9

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Well, I am back to update you all with what is going on with the diet. My small cheating the other day, I believe caused me to not lose weight on day 7 and 8. Yesterday I was up about .8 pounds (165.8) but today day 9, I am happy to be 164 pounds. I hope to be able to squeeze into a size 10 soon (I have not tried yet) it should be pretty  close to that size. Maybe another 5 pounds or so… well now for my gallbladder problem. I am going to now have surgery end of March, that way I do not have to stop the diet midway through. So, now for my eating. I have eaten boring food.

Asaparagus, Eggs, Jay Robb Shake, and strawberries on day 7. Yesterday I ate (day 8), Oscar Mayer deli Chicken, strawberries. chicken and asparagus. Coffee in the morning. Believe it or not, I am not as hungry as I was at the beginning. Don’t freak out, but on the HCG diet you are limited to foods you can eat, no lotions or oils, and the key to the diet is reseting your body to be able to maintain a your weightloss.

Go to the tabs at the top of this blog to read about my progress, if you are just joining me! I have now lost about 8 pounds this round, and have 15 more days to go!

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