Black Friday Shopping

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Well I would like to say I stayed in bed all day, and got some much needed sleep, but at 5 AM I woke up, and started dreaming of going shopping, so I popped out of bed and headed off to Toys R’ Us. I live about 20 minutes away, and as I was driving in the dark to go shopping, with sleepy eyes, wearing my sweatsuit, I thought to myself, I will park go into the store, grab my train set and table, and be out of the store in no time… well think again as I am scouring the parking lot for a place to park. The place is packed, I walked into the store and I guess I was lucky because I got a shopping cart! Did not realize how lucky I was until I got into line with my train set and table, and looked around to see lots of people without carts, and they had to carry their items through the line. It took only 1 1/2 hours to get through!

I have come to the conclusion, it is have great deals, make the lines long, so people in line will buy more items because of the boredom in line! Because really, do you want to stand in line for only one thing? NO! Like a $4 Candy Land game, I will pay $15 for one to avoid standing in line! LOL..

So I was finally at the finish line and spent only $60 more than what I was originally going to spend, that is the plan Toys R Us had from the beginning. The marketing ploy definately worked on this chick!

Oh, then after Toys R’ Us, I went to Old Navy snagged some jeans, and got out of their in under 15 minutes, it was great. Finally I was home back in bed at 8:30, kids and hubby still asleep, and I was back awake at 9:30 eating my 2nd breakfast of the day and making more coffee!

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