Baking Day: Cookies and Zuchini Bread Oh My

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As I was tiding up the kitchen area this morning, I noticed 3 bananas that were way past there sunshine yellow days, and thought to myself, maybe I should make some banana bread. Well one thing led to another and I neglected my other chores and got out my baking grear, Kitchen Aid Mixer, pampered chef gadgets, and all my baking foods that I have collected for pretty darn good deals throughout the past few months! Then I began to think.. why make just banana bread. So I continued to make a huge mess in the kitchen with the 3 year old help and so here is what I ended up making:

Oatmeal Rasin Cookies
Peanut Butter Cookies (forgot how super easy these are to make!)Banana Bread
Zuchini Bread
Ritz Crackers/peanut butter/ White Almond bark

Oh, and if you keep up with my blog, you know I am on the HCG Diet, and all those items above are strictly forbidden, and I did not lick the bowl, the mixers, or even my fingers! Which was very difficult to do, let me tell ya!

I did not even turn my computer on, until this evening! (Don’t worry I have my iphone to check my email etc..)

So, here I am relaxing. My kitchen is clean, neighbors got some tasty treats, and sending more with hubby tomorrow to his office. My aunt will be so happy about the zuchini bread, (I am definately poppin’ one of those in the freezer for my non dieting day. Not sure when that will be, but will be soon I hope.
You all have a good night!

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