HCG Diet Round 10,000… Well Not Really

by Shannon on August 29, 2010 · 2 comments

Wednesday:  Well, it feels like the 10,000 time. I feel like I am going to totally not make it. But I plan to stay strong, that is why it is total confession time. Yes, I gained like 20 pounds from my lowest weight loss back in June. Yep, 20 whole pounds, I like to say 15 pounds, because I was at the lowest weight for only like one day! Anyways, I am squeezing into my size 28 jeans I bought in the Spring, and it is about jean weather time. So bye bye 20 pounds, and yes I am on day 3 of low calorie of the HCG diet. YUCK.. I am eating a bit different this time around. I am just seeing if these new foods will work on the diet. I am really liking Chobani yogurt. Have you tried it?

I was totally going to quit this diet, Friday night. ( I cheated a bit) But, I am going to continue this journey one last time and hope to never ever never do it again! Luckily I am having some allergy issues, sore throat and feel pretty blah. So today (Saturday) has been a pretty easy day to diet. I have been drinking quite a bit of Yerba Matte Tea, nice and Hot.

Sunday, well I survived Saturday, lost about 1 pound. We will see how I do the rest of today, should not be to bad, as my allergies are kickin’ and food just doesn’t taste well.
So, wish me luck… you all are my accountability partners. And my plan after these 26 days..(only 20 days left) I am hitting Weight Watchers for the rest of my life! But had to go with the HCG way, because I want to lose weight fast…. and must take vitamins to ensure no more hair loss.

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