Top 5 Ways to Start Saving Money With Coupons!

by Shannon on March 7, 2010

Are you totally freaked out about coupon using. I mean for me, I look at them like money and when my hsuband wants to do a clean up and sees coupon inserts laying around, he makes him crazy and you know what he wants to do… he wants me to throw them away! (he is tossing out money, and I know he would not throw away the real green stuff) Even the unexpired ones! This sounds more like a horror movie then a clean up the clutter day to me.

But really coupons are not scary, they can be used by single moms, single dads, married couples, teenagers, rich people, poor people, people on government assisstance. I mean seriously… ANYBODY that is literate.

Here are some beginner tips:
  1. Don’t be afraid of the cashier, they are human beings not scary monsters. However some become a bit jealous of your savings, some rejoice with you, others think you are taking money out of their paychecks by using coupons. (don’t worry, the store gets reimbursed for coupon value plus .8 from the manufacter so it is okay to use that coupon for item specified as long as  that item is what you are buying)
  2. Do you buy cereal? If you answered yes, then start clipping coupons for cereal.
  3. Do you have a baby, and need diapers? If so, then clip those diapers coupons. Don’t buy diapers when they are NOT on sale. Use coupon when on sale and save even more money!
  4. Do you buy Toothpaste? Clip those too. Use when on sale or a store that doubles, and get it FREE!
  5. Do you buy Shampoo etc..? Clip those, and use them. Save even more money..

Put coupons in a baggie, like a ziplock bag, and place in car or purse. You don’t want to forget this when you get to the store.

Do you know how much money a month you can save on these tips alone in a given month?

4 Boxes of cereal ($2)
4 Packs of Diapers ($20)
2 tubes of Toothpaste ($1)
2 shampoo items ($4)

This is how much you would spend on items after coupons and sales drum roll…  $27
If you had no coupons, and did not shop sales you would have spent around $70 or so..
This is just scenerios etc.. on how coupons combined with sales can save you money. You would have saved $43, that is a tank of gas, a date night, etc… and it was easy. You do not have to be a super coupon shopper to do this. Just a little extra planning, that is it!

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Monroe on a budget March 7, 2010 at 7:16 pm

I have shopped with coupons since my college days, and my mom kept a coupon box when my siblings and I were little.

It will take a little more time both to clip and sort the coupons; and also in the store to do the math and pull the coupon out of your box, binder or packet.

That's OK. I remind my readers many of them have more time than money these days.

Save money where you can – groceries are one of the fastest and easiest places to find extra cash in your budget.



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