Diet HCG Round 2 Update: Day 1

by Shannon on February 18, 2010 · 2 comments

I decided to go try the HCG diet again for Round 2. I had fabulous results when I did the diet from November 28 through December 23, and I did not document as well. So now, I am going to drag you along with my weight loss for this time around. Last time I did the diet, I lost 26 pounds. I am hoping for similar results this time around as well.

I ate all I wanted on Monday and Tuesday, while taking the drops (HCG) that is what is recomended and called fat loading days.

Today I weighted: 172.4
Now, today is my first VLCD (very low calorie diet) and am trying the Jay Robb shakes for protien this time around, I have read this is a great source of protein, and people have had success with weight loss with using this product.

What I ate today:

Jay Robb Shake Chocolate ( added psyhillium husks)
Filet Mignon (tenderloin) 3.5 oz
Melba Toast
Ice Tea

Day 2: Woke up refreshed, not even hungry.

Weight today (Thursday) 169 lbs! So really, did I lose 3.4 pounds. Talk about motivation. Now that we are all friends, I am feeling a bit more comfy with telling you my real weight! LOL.. I will keep ya posted.

What I ate:

Green Tea
Tea w/ Truvia
Chicken Breast (3.5 oz) with kosher salt and pepper
Jay Robb Shake with strawberries

I bought my HCG at this Healthly Living Site. It is $21 w/ $9 shipping. Cheapest site I have found!

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  • Anonymous

    can u share where u r getting tour hcg? thanks!!

    okie gal 2


  • Karla Scott

    Good for you!! That is great. I have a few questions I hope you don't mind me asking all of this.
    Can I do the same diet as you with the hcg? Do I have to be under Dr care? Can you tell me where I can research this at?
    I am going to go on this but I want to know what I can eat before I start I need to have a list of proper foods and amounts to eat.
    I would really love doing this if it works as well as it sounds. I need to lose 60 pds at least and I am not very active due to a very bad back. This sounds like it maight be my answer!
    Could you email me? [email protected]
    Thank you for any direction you can point me in


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