HCG diet Days 4, 5, and 6

by Shannon on February 22, 2010 · 1 comment

Sorry I have neglected you all on my weight loss journal. Today I went to see the Surgeon that I have picked to take my gall bladder out, and had to do confession, which means spill the beans on my dieting history. You see I have had 2 gallbladder attacks, and they don’t feel so good. Then I had an ultrasound and it showed my tiny little gallstones swimming around having a good ole time. I am not really sure what causes this problem but apparently 1 out of 3 people I talk to say they have had theirs removed. So, I asked the Dr. about you know the gallbladder flushes, etc. His comment was hogwash, did not believe that those worked. However, Dr. did not think the HCG diet was a bad idea, and said he had Dr. friends on the diet… so that was a huge bonus! He said I could continue, but quit before surgery then I may resume after surgery. So, basically that is the situation as it stands. Surgery on March 2, if I should be brave enough to go through with it!  But here is how the past few day went. Refer back to the last entries to see what the diet is all about.

Day 4:

Weight 166.8 pounds

Ate: 1 egg w/ 2 egg whites, 3 oz chicken, cucumber, apple, some coffee and tea

Day 5: 

Weight 165.8 pounds

So, today I go to church and the have a speghetti dinner, Reggie Smith attended the dinner and signed autographs, and there was an auction for NFL jerseys. I survived and did not eat anything…. yeah. So here is what I ate today.
Oscar Mayer Chicken slices, apple by dinner I was starving and made chicken with worchester sauce (had 1 g sugar and 1 gram carb) little onion and 3 mushrooms.  Strawberries for a snack. It was so delicious… as my eating has been so boring. I was cranky, moody and hungry.

Day 6:

Weight 165.2 pounds (not a huge loss, was it what I ate for dinner?

Bad  Bad Bad day, don’t tell but I did cheat on some banana bread I made, I had to.. I was bummed Dr. called said to stop diet in a few days scheduled surgery for etc…other than that I ate, strawberries, hard boiled egg, and an egg white (had to share with 3 yo he wanted some)
I also drank a Lipton Green Tea (diet) which I never did on my first round of the diet!
So it was a huge fail.. today, I probably will not lose any weight. So I got to stay strong, and continue on… I never told you my goal weight. When all said and done, I would like to be about 135 pounds.
Thanks for all your support.

I am not a Dr. and this is all my opinion my experiences, etc. I am not endorsing this diet.

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  • Andrea H

    I had my gallbladder out in February of 2009 and it actually caused me to gain some weight =(

    Maybe I should try this diet that you are on?!?

    Good luck with your surgery!


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