Disney World Here I Come!

by Shannon on February 9, 2010 · 0 comments

Tomorrow, I am packing up (well I packed today) and headed on a plane to Orlando, Florida for fun in the sun! (well, hopefully there will be sun forecast is a bit chilly) However, no complaining here, as I leave the below freezing temps, all 3 children behind for my oh so dear sweet hubby to watch our pride and joys for 4 days, 3 nights! I sure hope he doesn’t call the airlines to fly me home early, as our youngest child can be quite a challenge. I am not worried, they will survive on Taco Bell, Pizza, and whatever else you can get through the drive through!

So, why am I going to Disney? Well, there is a great event called the Disney Social Media Moms event, and I am going. We could have brought the whole fam, but some people in the family have to work, go to school, and do all those fun things, and I was the only one who could get away. Not to mention, my hubby has been traveling a bit lately. ( 3 trips in less than a month) Well, I went on 2 of them, but whos counting. We do not keep score so this is not a get even trip. We did go to Disney in 2000, that was my first trip, we even went over Valentines! That was when we only had our 2 sweaty boys, now we are blessed with 3 sweaty boys! (woops, I mean sweet)

This event is hosted by 5 Minutes for MomWalt Disney World, Resourceful Mommy Media,
Mom Bloggers Club and Mom Select.

So, I am hoping to meet tons of other Bloggers, face to face, in real life (IRL) my online friends and spend sometime with my friends Consumer Queen and MomRN fellow Oklahomans!

So, I have my winter, fall and summer clothes packed. You never know what the weather will be like this time of year, and yes I totally over packed! But hey, it is just me and my suitcase and laptop, and New Moon. (do I need to tell you that is a Twilight Series book?) Yes, I am just reading the books and have to finish the last 10 pages of Twilight tonight before I hit the bed!

I will be sharing my fairytale adventures soon, however I ran out of time and could not find a coupon so I skipped out of buying  myself the Cinderella Dress, so I guess that picture will have to wait! LOL…
So Hi Ho Hi Ho it is off to fun I go!

Disclosure: This trip was extremely reasonable, ($350 for up to 4 people) therefore I am disclosing this info, and I did pay my fees for the trip and airfare. All opinions are mine, true facts as I see it!

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