Ten Ways to Shop More Effective

by Shannon on November 16, 2009

Top Ways to Shop More Effective on Black Friday. Hopefully some of these tips will help, so you don’t get overwhelmed while shopping on one of the Busiest days of the year!
1. Shop when you are not tired, cranky or hungry. (leave kids at home, too)
2. Make a LIST, stick to your LIST, as best as you can. List should include, gift ideas, names of people you are shopping for, etc..
3. Check online for coupons, codes, and deals before you venture out. If you are shopping at the Mall, there are normally printable coupons for stores at the Mall. Check the newspapers, too. Macy’s will have coupons 80% off the time it seems.
4. Pack water bottles, snacks, etc.. so you will not have to waste time and money standing in line to get a drink or snack.
5. Check your gift closet of your house, you might have things hanging around in there you have bought through out the year for Christmas gifts for others.
6. Money really tight, think about making gift baskets with food, health and beauty items, or cleaning supplies, you have purchased free or cheap after coupons. You could buy a cute container to use, and decorate, and organize with a big bow to make the gift look interesting.
7. Make sure you are not shopping for yourself… this is about shopping for others. If you see something you like, then write it down and let your family know about where to buy it, find it, etc..
8. Black Friday is not the only day to get deals, the deals have begun early. I was able to get 2 Blu Ray Disney Movies for $13.99 last week, and tons of board games.
9. When you get home, wrap presents, so they will be ready to go. Organize receipts, write down what you bought and for whom. (you might forget what you bought, believe me this will happen at least once)
10. Shop smart.. just because it is on sale, a great deal does not mean you have to buy the item. Especially if you do not need it, want it, or have anyone to give it too. If at all possible, shop using cash only. Write down the dollar amount next to each person you would like to stay budgeted for, you do not want to be paying for this Christmas, next year!

Most of all, remember Christmas’ true meaning. Jesus Birthday.. not about shopping, buying, giving and receiving.

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