Weekend Happenings

by Shannon on June 8, 2009

Just time to chit chat on my blog a bit, let you in on my last few days of drama… I have been busy as a bee. My 16DS is at camp, my 13DS is home with me along with DS3. So, losing one babysitter, not so much fun! I will begin on Friday, my Anniversy of 16 years. It was just another crazy day, and I just reflected on my 16 years of marriage and how fast life has flown by. (Oh, I am so not as old as you think, I got married a week after HS graduation!) So, like I said, I have 3 boys, therefore we had baseball practice that night, because DS13 had a baseball tournament on Saturday and Sunday.
May not sound like much, but 3 games in one day is alot! We ended up winning all 3 games, too. So then there is Sunday, more baseball, but only one game. Did I tell you that this tournament was a benefit tournament? Have I told you I have been wanting a laptop? Well, here is the super fun part…. there was a silent auction for a laptop, and I “won” well not really win, because I had to pay for it, but I called hubby, he was not at the game, he stayed home to mow, and was going to go to the late game if we would have won (we lost). Oh, back to calling hubby, he does not answer, so I text him, he does not answer…. I was needing to tell him I wanted to “win” the laptop and ask him if I could bid on it.. well no answer, I bid, then I “win”. So as I type my story, I am using my new HP laptop! Thanks Sam’s Warehouse for donating the laptop to the Beigini Foundation, and I am so happy I “won” it! Happy Anniversery to me!

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