Micheal Jackson, Farrah, and now Billy Mays

by Shannon on June 28, 2009

A lot has happened since my last post, about FREE paint! I still cannot believe that all these celebrities, are now not with us anymore. After being away from the computer for the weekend, so much has happened. I pop on the computer today and see Billy Mays, the infomercials guy is now dead, too!

Now, I will share a brief memory, my earliest memory of Micheal Jackson. It was when he made the Thriller video. Apparently, we did not have cable TV, and my moms friend Jan did, so we hopped in the car, and drove to Jan’s house. My mom and her friend anxiously awaited to watch the Debut of the Thriller Video as me and my 2 little sisters, hid in the backroom. My mom insisted that I do not watch the video because it would be to scary, so I hid in the other room and listened to the music, and would try to pop my head in to see what all the fuss was about on the TV. I remember being slightly scared of the video, and being over protective of my sisters, to make sure they did not catch a glimpse. So on Thursday, when I found out the news, I called my mom to let her know about his death and told her about my memory. Somehow she had forgotten, but I remember the day. My husband and I then rocked out to Micheal Jackson music all night long, while cleaning out the garage and attic, so we can get our house insultated. I will have to let you know at a later date, if we save any money on our electric bill!

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bkokc00 June 29, 2009 at 7:18 pm

Thank you for not making this a bashing post..seen too many of those the last few days. Since you shared your memory..i will share mine too..
It was 1988, MJ was on top of things..I was still in germany, waiting to here from my b/f that had just left to go back to the states. A friend of mine said she had an extra ticket to the MJ concert and asked if i wanted to go with her, i paid 50 Marks for that ticket..approx $35 back then.
I had never been to a concert before..so that morning my friend and i got on the train and went to hamburg, the concert was in a soccer stadium and we walked around till it was time to get into the stadium. We sat there for hours waiting for the show to start,you could just feel the excitement of the crowd. I remember it was pretty hot, it was in june or july, some guy walked out on the stage in black pants and a white shirt, i am not even sure it was MJ but people were dropping like flies..fainting of the sight of that person..
The singer to open the concert was Kim Wilde, even though she had a few hits years before then she really wasn't that popular anymore, but i still enjoyed it..Then it was time for MJ to hit the stage..it was probably the most amazing hours i ever sat in a stadium..he wasn't just a great singer, dancer…he put on the most amazing show that i have seen to this date. Watching him dance and the whole effects were just breathtaking…
Nowadays when i mention that i went to his concert people look at me like i lost it..well..it was 1988..he WAS the king of pop..it was his prime time. We lost a great talent and no one really knows what went on in his private life, we forget that he was found innocent in the court of law..we are not the ultimate judge. I hope he rests in peace..RIP MJ.



Shannon "Coupon Princess" June 29, 2009 at 9:21 pm

Oh wow.. thanks for such a wonderful post. Love it. Thanks so much for sharing, you lucky girl to see MJ in concert!



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