Memorial Weekend Fun

by Shannon on May 24, 2009

Here is a little story about our wonderful Sunday, that turned into a rather interesting day.

Objective: Get boat.
Goal: Get to lake
Outcome: Have fun.

It all began, with me waking up and being told get up, let’s get ready to go to the lake, by my dear husband. He is a morning person, I am not. I feel horrible, as my allergies are killing me. But, nonetheless, I get up and get ready, do final preperations for our day out at the lake. Sunscreen, towels, snacks, lunch, bottled water, all ready to go and have a wonderful family day.

We hop in the Deisel and are ready to roll, to South Oklahoma, to Lake Texoma. We normally camp, but the campsites were not open in our usual spot, do to all the rain Southern Oklahoma has recieved. (Hint: Call lake to check on boat ramps, before heading out to lake) So, we are in Ardmore, topping off the truck, and hubby sees a guy with a boat.

Hubby: “Hi, Nice boat, I have one very similar, are you going to Texoma?

Man: “You know, the boat ramps are closed, all but 2.

Hubby: “Oh, really? Hum.. thanks for the information.

Man: Bye.

Hubby: Bye.

Well, after that conversation, I hop on the iphone, find some numbers and find out there is about a 2 hour line to get into the lake, with no boat and trailer parking. So, we went to the boat storage, checked on the nice boat we hardly ever get to use, and say “Hi” visit with hubby’s uncle, and turn around to head back North, home. But, wait….. there is an animal park. Arbuckle Wilderness, a drive through animal park. So, we paid our admission and drove our truck through an hour and half park with Giraffes, Zebras, Emus, Llamas, Bison and more. Many animals would just come up to your vehicle and poke their head right in the car. Fun times, so our day was not quite a bust after all. It ended up being a great day with the family! Happy Memorial Weekend.

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