Potty Training 101

by Shannon on November 18, 2008

Okay, here is my potty training boys advice that worked for me. When my son turned 2, he went pee on the big potty all by himself, that was the first time. I did not force him to potty train, we just talked about it, and I mean alot. So off and on it was hit and miss on the potty, that could be literal talk too, as if we did not point the peepee down, then it would spray out of the toliet.

So, I did not use a special seat, my son just sat on the toliet, and went. The hardest part of training, was training myself. So he wore diapers/ pullups for the next 5 months with waking up dry 60% of the time, and going in the toliet about 80% of the time. So we were doing awesome!

Peeing was the easy part, (except when he would pee on the carpet, which we got new carpet right in the beginning of the training!) now for the poop.

Braddock, my 2 year old, would go get a diaper and then he would poop in his diaper, no problem, then I would change him! I did not make a big deal, just act sad, and we would change and go on. Much better then going poop in the undies! LOL.

So, the status now is that as of 2 weeks ago, we are pooping on the potty, peeing in the potty, wearing underwear all night and day! (with a few accidents once in awhile) Bye Bye diapers!

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