Warranty’s for products we buy, are they worth it?

by Shannon on October 22, 2008

I always wonder if warranties are worth the money or not, I mean how often do you remember you even bought the warrany or not, and if you did, did you use proper organization skills to find all the necessary paperwork for the warranty?

Well here is my story. I bought a new dishwasher in 4/07. Pretty good dishwasher, until the latch quit locking and my dishwasher would spontaneously pop open, and by the time I reshut the darn thing a zillion times, 24 hours later my dishes might get done eventually!

So, my bro-in law, that is staying with us for awhile asked to see the manual. I was like it is not going to work, I have already read it! So I went ahead to find the manual and low and behold… there was a recipt, and on it said I bought the dishwasher on April 1, 2007…. read more, oh gosh… I bought the extended warranty! OMG! 4 years worth… so I called the 1-800 number, which was open 24/7 and they are coming out on Friday to see if they can fix the problemo, and if not I will get a new dishwasher!

SO, should you buy an extended warranty, I would say yes, only if you are a good steward and file your warranty and recipt properly. However, I thought I was pretty good about remembering things, but with this I totally did not think I had an extended warranty on a dishwasher! I will let all my readers know how it all works out on Friday. Washing Dishes might be fun again!

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  1. It is Saturday… so here is the story for Friday.

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