Dinner Tonight!

by Shannon on September 20, 2008

Today, I ended up selling tons of my stockpile, beauty items at my friends garage sale. This was great. Two things happened, one… I was able to get some cash, and two I got rid of a box of beanie babies that I had purchased back in the 90′s ty beanie baby craze.

It was my stupidity to collect the darn things in the first place! However those darn animals have given me tons of anxiety over the last 9 years. They are now gone!

Now, for my spending challenge… I spent $5 at the car wash, and $48.00 on a trash can, and a yankee candle. Yes, I did buy a nice stainless steel trash can. I figure I used some of my garage sale money anyhow, so it was like I got it FREE, but I did not.

Then for my high school reunion. It was great, 2 other classmates besides me showed up and we had a fabulous dinner at Deep Fork Grill. I mean Fabulous. Fortunately, I do not have to disclose how much we spent, because it was out of hubby’s budget. We are not blogging his money or spending only mine, so thank goodness for this loop hole in my spending savings challenge. Even though I feel like I am totally cheating. But I promise I am not cheating, because in my rule book, hubby can do whatever with his money! LOL…

Oh, darn I did spend another $2o today, I forgot about that spending…. shucks.

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